Every day you talk to the members of your family, friends and relatives on variousmatters. You receive letters from your friends and relatives on different occasions.You also reply to their letters. Sometimes to convey urgent message you send telegrams or make telephone calls. In this process you are able to share the information with others. Similarly they also share their experiences with you. You must have observed that in an office the officer rings a bell to call the attendant; people stop their vehicle at road-crossings after looking to the red light of the traffic signal and then start moving after seeing the green light. Through this some message is conveyed and understood even without speaking or writing. All these activities of sharing or exchanging information, ideas and experiences between two or more people are known as communication. Communication may be defined as “A process of sharing facts, ideas, opinions, thoughts and information through speech, writing, gestures or symbols between two or more people”. This process of communication always contains messages, which are to be transmitted between the parties. There are two parties - one is ‘Sender’, who sends the message and the other ‘Receiver’, who receives it. Generally the process of communication is said to be complete when the receiver understands the message and gives the feedback or response. At road-crossings red light of the traffic signal sends the message to stop the vehicle. When people stop their vehicles by seeing the red light, it is the feedback or response. This feedback may be in any form. Even while talking to your friend ‘nodding your head’ is treated as feedback. Thus, feedback becomes an essential element in the process of communication along with message, sender and receiver. Hence ‘Communication Process’ includes the following elements:

Sender – The person who sends the message, also known as the source.

Receiver – The person who receives the message.

Message – Subject matter of communication. It may contain facts, ideas, feelings or thoughts.

Feedback – Receiver’s response or reaction or reply to the message, which is directed towards the sender.

For sending the message to the receiver or getting the feedback from the receiver we need a medium, which is called as a medium or means of communication. It carries the message to the receiver and brings the feedback from the receiver. Главная Страница