The London Underground

For over a hundred years, people (0) ..C.. London have used the underground to travel to work, go shopping, visit friends, go to the theatre, the cinema, a sporting event or just to (1) … a drink somewhere. For a visitor to London, it is the most reliable and quickest way to get from one famous sight to another.

Only six kilometers (2)… length, the world’s first underground railway was opened on 10th January 1863 with trains pulled by steam engines. By 1868, another line between Westminster and South Kensington had opened and further lines were opened (3) … 1932. In 1933, a separate body was (4)… . (This was known as London Transport (5) … it was never its official name.) There were plans to develop the system further, but the Second World War interrupted (6) … plans. The underground still had its uses (7) … the war, with eight kilometers of an uncompleted section of tunnel becoming an underground aircraft component factory, and local people during German bombing raids used (8) … tube stations as shelters.

Expansion still (9) … today, bringing (10) … of London within reach of the underground network for the first time. (11) … extension of the system helps to ease the (12) … of traffic on the roads and (13)… links between main line railway stations. It enables the visitor, commuter or (14) … Londoner to travel with ease (15) … their destination.

A at B for C in D to
A do B make C give D have
A of B with C in D at
A through B year C by D previously
Aset up Bmade up Ctaken up D got up
Ahowever B although C since D as
A them B that Cthis D these
A while B since C during D for
A few Bmany C little D less
A is continuing B continues C has continued Dwill continue
A parts B territories C news D lands
AEach B Some CSpecific D Separate
A amount B sum C number D quantity
A corrects B improves C recovers Dbetters
A original B birth C home D native
A whoever B however C whatever D whenever
Проаналізуйте зміст, структуру суспільного виробництва та основні показники його ефективності.
Type 2 Conditionals (другий тип умовних речень)
Тема 3.3. Статически определимые плоские фермы
Випарний апарат з виносною циркуляційною трубою
Дискретна модель
Залежність стану мови від стану суспільства
Предпосылки возникновения философии
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Налоговая система, ее понятие и принципы построения
Г р а н у л е м а т о з н о е в о с п а л е н и е.
Аналітико – дослідницький розділ
Круговая и румбовая системы деления истинного горизонта
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