Ex. 4. Put the verb into the most suitable form, past continuous (I was doing), past perfect (I had done) or past perfect continuous (I had been doing).

1. It was very noisy next door. Our neighbours were having (have) a party.

2. We were good friends. We had known (know) each other for a long time.

3. John and I went for a walk. I had difficulty keeping up with him because he --- (walk) so fast.

4. Mary was sitting on the ground. She was out of breath. She --- (run)

5. When I arrived, everybody was sitting round the table with their mouths full. They --- (eat).

6. When I arrived, everybody was sitting round the table and talking. Their mouths were empty but their stomachs were full. They --- (eat).

7. Jim was on his hands and knees on the floor. He --- (look) for his contact lens.

8. When I arrived, Kate --- (wait) for me. She was rather annoyed with me because I was late and she --- (wait) for a very long time.

9. I was sad when I sold my car. I --- (have) it for a very long time.

10. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We --- (travel) for more than 24 hours.

Ex. 5. Yesterday you met a friend of yours, Charlie. Here are some of the things Charlie said to you:

1. I'm living in London now.

2. My father isn't very well.

3. Sharon and Paul are getting married next month.

4. Margaret has had a baby.

5. I don't know what Fred is doing.

6. I saw Helen at a party in June and she seemed fine.

7. I haven't seen Diane recently.

8. I'm not enjoying my job very much.

9. You can come and stay at my flat if you are ever in London.

10. My car was stolen a few weeks ago.

11. I want to go on holiday but I can't afford it.

12. I'll tell Ann I saw you.

Later that day you tell another friend what Charlie said.

1. _Charlie said that he was living in London now._

2. He said that ---

3. He ---

4. ---

5. ---

6. ---

7. ---

8. ---

9. ---

10. ---

11. ---

12. ---

Модуль самостійної роботи:

1. Безособові форми дієслова. Інфінітив. Дієприкметник. Герундій.

2. Скласти рецепт улюбленої страви та меню в ресторані.

3. Анотування газетної статті за фахом.

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