No doubt, you read this text attentively and remember every detail.

If so, be ready to speak about the main points of it.

Be so kind as to give full answer:

1. Are you satisfied with your computer?

2. Every day there’s something new about computers; hence, modern computer today is a «back number» tomorrow. Are you keeping up with the progress?

3. If you are going to upgrade your computer what would you do and how would you do it?

4. Is it possible to compare computer with human brain taking into account its chess fights against the best world masters?

5. Have you ever had any difficulties when working on your computer?

6. Have you achieved, according to your opinion, any outstanding results?

7. Suppose you are a teacher. Suppose your course is «Computer as it is». Make up a plan of this course.

8. Suppose you are a head of a company and you want to buy computers for yourself, your secretary, and your accountant. You, of course, do not like to fling your money about. What kind of computers are you going to purchase?

9. Make up a plan of your dazzling report «Computers, Mankind, and Future».

10. In this unit you came across the Moor’s law:

For thirty years, the speed of processor clocks have approximately doubled every 18 month and we can expect this trend to continue for the next decade until physical limits are reached. Главная Страница