They have many vital roles in an organisms' body. They are part of many other organic molecules or structures. They are the structural compounds for all organisms. Hair and fingernails are made up of a protein called keratin. They are also used as an energy source. Antibodies, which kill microbes, are also made up of protein.

A (Retinol) Milk, Butter, Carrots, Fresh vegetables Night blindness; Dry, scaling skin
B-1 (Thiamine) Legumes, Peanuts, Liver Beriberi-Nerve disorders
B-9 (Folic acid) Liver, Legumes, Oranges, Green vegetables Anemia, Birth defects
C (Ascorbic acid) Fruits and Vegetables, Cabbage, Tomatoes Scurvy-Teeth, Skin and Blood vessel disorders
D (Calcipherol) Fish oil, Milk, Egg yolk Rickets-Bone disorders
E (Tocopherol) Vegetable oils, Nuts Seeds Nerve damage, Reduced fertility
K (Phylloquinone) Green vegetables, Tea made by intestinal bacteria Slow blood clotting Главная Страница