Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, определив функции “-ing –forms” и чем они выражены.

1. Packaging is a means for marketing and distributing products to customers and consumers. 2. He took part in the sittings of the Baby DietInstitute. 3. There was no chance of finding a device of the required size. 4. Their experiments are being made with a view of increasing the output of packing machines. 5. Cooling is necessary to prevent moisture forming under bread wrappings. 6. From wrapping machines bread is ready for shipping. 7. At a chocolate-producing plant cleaning and grading machines are automatic. 8. The objective of the packaging operation is to bring together the product and its packaging material. 9. Although acting as a barrier against the environment is still a primary function of packaging, its another function is to act as communication in the marketing function. 10. The package making and package filling and closing operations are automatic. 11. After having attended some meetings devoted to the problems of packaging I have got a more complete understanding of this process.

Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, определив функцию слова “experimenting” и какой частью речи оно выражено.

1. Experimenting with packaging material is one of the topical problems of packaging industry. 2. A serious experimenting with packaging material is being carried out by a group of researchers. 3. Experimenting with packaging material they applied electronic equipment. 4. By experimenting with packaging material there is an opportunity for developing packaging industry. 5. Without experimenting with packaging material it is impossible to develop packaging industry. 6. They are experimenting with some new packaging material now. 7. Their task was experimenting with packaging material. 8. A group of researchers experimenting with packaging material has presented interesting results. 9. The object of experimenting was new packaging material. 10. We knew nothing about this long experimenting in your laboratory.

Укажите номера предложений, содержащих герундиальный оборот (А) и независимый причастный оборот (В) и переведите их.

1. Speaking about packaging problem it should be pointed out that both product and package must be appealing. 2. Packaging operation being mostly manual in the past was a great disadvantage of packaging process. 3. The operator remaining the main source of contamination, the introduction of computerized equipment becomes extremely important. 4. Capping machine comprises one or two filling carrousels according to the output required. 5. We know packaging material being considerably developed in our days. 6. Environment greatly affecting product quality, the whole filling line is to be installed in a sterile clean room. 7. One of the most important operations is sealing, the closure and liner problem often causing extensive downtime on the capping line. 8. Being sensitive to customers’ desires, researchers are constantly testing different package configurations. 9. Mechanization and automation have resulted in considerable increase of productivity, packaging industry becoming a convincing example. 10. Consumer decision being based on the information and image conveyed by the package is a well-known fact. 11. The progress of packaging industry depends on many factors, the development of new packaging materials being one of them. 12. While filling bottles manufacturers should remember about the kind of closures. 13. I haven’t heard of his having tested this very packaging material. 14. We insisted upon the product being packed in double bags. 15. Estimating the benefits of packaging in the preservation, distribution, handling, and marketing of food and nonfood products one can say that they are immense.

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