Mark the statements true (T) or false (F)

1. Aesthetics is the study of what is right and wrong in human behavior.

2. Aesthetics studies all the arts, from all the countries and from all the periods of history.

3. Aesthetics studies how scientists imagine, create and perform their discoveries.

4. Aesthetics also studies how artists feel about art.

5. One of the effects of art is the feeling that some things are beautiful and others are ugly.

6. One main task is to collect, organize and interpret accurate information about the life of people.

7. Aesthetics is usually regarded as a branch of psychology.

8. The youngest branch to be given its own name which was first used in 1700´s was epistemology.

9. Philosophers from Hegel to the present have discussed the philosophy of art.

10. Since the late 1800s writers have been developing aesthetics into more independent field of study.

Circle the correct item

1) Aesthetics is the subject that tries to understand…

a) moral rules or principles or behavior

b) the mental processes

c) the arts in a broad and fundamental way

2) Many persons study one of the arts…

a) painting , music, poetry

b) literature, music, poetry

c) painting, music, sculpture

3) Aesthetics tries to organize knowledge…

a) carefully

b) thoroughly

c) systematically

4) Aesthetics studies how artists…

a) create, imagine and perform works of art

b) arrange, imagine, create

c) perform, find and imagine

5) One of the effects of art is…

a) the feeling

b) the creation

c) the image

6) The whole or main problem of aesthetics is to study…

a) beauty

b) wonder

c) perfection

7) One main task of aesthetics is…

a) to study, collect and organize

b) to collect, organize and interpret

c) to organize, workout and collect

8) Aesthetics is usually regarded as a branch of…

a) Psychology

b) Philosophy

c) Medicine

9) The name of aesthetics was first used in…

a) 1800s

b) 1600s

c) 1700s

10) Many of the rules have been…

a) banished

b) restricted

c) abandoned Главная Страница