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l)The goods taken on board of the vessel in apparent good order and condition, unless noted herein, at the port of loading for carriage to the port of discharge or so near thereto as she may safely get, always afloat, and delivered as mentioned above.

2) One of these Bills of Lading must be surrendered duly endorsed in exchange for the goods.

3) In witness whereof number of stated above original Bs/L have been signed.

4) «Merchant» includes the Charterer, the Shipper, the Receivers, the Consignee, the Holder of this Bill of Lading and the owner of the goods.

5)Dispute arising under this Bill of Lading shall be determined at the place, where the Carrier has his principal place of business.

6)Vessels may sail with or without pilots, undergo repairs, adjust equipment, drydock and tow vessels in all situations.

7)In this Qvcnt the Carrier shall have the right to claim demurrage and/or discharge and store the goods as set out above.

8)These goods (container, etc.) carried on deck shall be treated as if they were stowed under deck and the Hague and York-Antwerp Rules as incorporated herein shall be applicable to them.

9)In no event shall the Carrier be liable for damage to and/or loss of goods prior to loading or after discharge, not even if such damage or loss is to the negligence of his servants and even though the goods are in the custody of the Carrier, his agents or servants as warehousemen or howsoever.

10)The Carrier shall however be relieved of liability for any loss or damage if such loss or damage arose or resulted from strikes or lockouts or stoppage or restraint of labour from whatever cause whether partial or general.

11)In no case shall the Carrier be liable in an amount exceeding $... per package or unit, or the equivalent of that sum in other currency, unless declared with value on the Bill of Lading.

12)The Carrier shall be at liberty at the place of loading or discharging as well as during the voyage to have the contents inspected in order to ascertain the weight, measurement or value for the purpose of verifying the freight basis and their correspondence to their description.

13)The Carrier shall have an absolute lien on goods for any amount due under this Contract and for contribution in respect of general average and for salvage to whomsoever due, including costs of recovering the same and shortage fees, any may enforce such lien in any reasonable manner which he may think fit.

14)The Merchant shall be deemed to have guaranteed to the Carrier the accuracy, at the time the goods were taken in charge by the Carrier, of the description of the goods, marks, numbers, quantity and weight (including gross weight of the container or any other receptacle) and insurance as furnished by him.

15)Freight shall be deemed earned on receipt of the goods by the Carrier and shall be paid in any event, goods lost or not lost according to the terms of the contract of affreightment and not to be returned.

16)The Carrier may stow the goods in containers and has the right without notice to the Merchant to carry them in closed containers.

17)A Surveyor's Certificate with respect to heated, cooled, ventilated or insulated space, insured prior to the shipment, shall be deemed to be conclusive evidence that the Carrier has exercised due diligence to make the vessel sea-worthy in respect to such space.

18)General Average to be adjusted at any port or place at the Carrier's option and to be settled according to York-Antwerp Rules 1974, this covering all goods carried under deck and the containers, etc., carried on deck.

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