Work in groups

Use the expressions from the table below and act out the dialogues.

Booking a table Placing Your order complaining
I’d like to reserve / book a ta- ble for four at 8 pm, please. I’d like to reserve / book a ta- ble for a party of six at 8 pm, please. I’d like to book a table for two at 8 in the name of Hand, please. Could we have a table by the window, please? Could we have a non-smoking table, please? Could we have a table away from the kitchen / toilets, please? Could we have a booth, please? Could you make sure it’s a quiet table, please? I’d like the…, please. For starters I’ll have the soup and for the main course I’d like the roast beef. Could I have chips instead of new potatoes, please? What is the house special today? Is there anything you would recommend? Could I see the wine menu, please? I’ll have a bottle of the South African Cabernet Sau- vignon. I’ll have a glass of house red / white, please. Which wine would you rec- ommend? Excuse me, but my meal is cold. Excuse me, we’ve been waiting for over half an hour for our drinks. I’m sorry but I or- dered the side salad not the vegetables. Excuse me, this steak is over done, I ordered rare. I’m afraid this wine tastes corked. Excuse me this wine isn’t chilled properly.

arriving at the restaurant during / after the Meal Paying
Good evening, the name is Hand. I have a table booked for six. Do you have the menu in Eng- lish / German / French …, please? Do you have a high chair for young children, please? Could we have a table over there, please? I’m sorry but I asked for a table by the window. Could we have an extra chair, please? Could we have some more bread, please? Do you have a pepper mill? Could I have some dress- ing, please? Could you pass me the salt, please? That was delicious. My compliments to the chef. Could I have the bill, please? Do you take Visa? We’d like separate bills, please. Is service includ- ed? No, please. This is on me. (When you wish to pay for everyone.)

It’s 8 pm. Mr Smith (Jack) and Mrs Smith (Jill) are celebrating their 10th wed- ding anniversary. They have just arrived at the restaurant.

M r S m i t h. Well here we are. What do you think?

M r s S m i t h. It’s lovely, Jack. Are you sure we can afford it?

M r S m i t h. Well I may have to do some washing up, but you’re worth it.

The waiter arrives.

W a i t e r. Good evening sir, madame.

M r S m i t h. Good evening. We have a reservation for a table for two in the name of Smith.

W a i t e r. Yes sir. May I take your coats?

Waiter takes their coats and hangs them up.

M r & M r s S m i t h. Thank you.

W a i t e r. Your welcome. Would you like to come to the table or would you prefer to order in the bar?

M r S m i t h. I wouldn’t mind an aperitif. We’ll order in the bar. W a i t e r. Please follow me, I’ll bring you the menu in a moment.

Mr & Mrs Smith order their drinks at the bar and sit down to look at the menu.

M r s S m i t h. Oh dear Jack, it’s all in French!

M r S m i t h. Well that’s what we’re paying for. Don’t worry I’ve got an idea.

W a i t e r. Are you ready to order sir?

M r S m i t h. Not really. Could you recommend something.

W a i t e r. Certainly sir. The fresh lobster is particularly good this evening, and for starters may I recommend a light consomme?

M r S m i t h. Sounds lovely, what do you think dear? M r s S m i t h. Oh yes, I love lobster.

W a i t e r. So, that’s two consomme and two lobsters. Would you like to look at the wine menu?

M r S m i t h. Why don’t you bring us what you think will go best. No- thing too expensive though.

W a i t e r. No problem sir. I’ll call you as soon as your table is ready.

The waiter walks away.

M r s S m i t h. You are clever Jack, but what about dessert.

M r S m i t h. Don’t worry, they bring round a sweet trolley, so we just point at what we fancy!

A while later Mr & Mrs Smith have finished eating and are drinking their coffee.

W a i t e r. Was everything to your satisfaction? M r & M r s S m i t h. Yes, lovely thank you.

M r S m i t h. The whole meal was delicious, our compliments to the chef. Unfortunately we have to be back for the baby-sitter so could we pay now?

W a i t e r. Certainly sir, I’ll bring you the bill. Would you like me to order you a taxi.

M r S m i t h. Yes that would be great, thank you.

M r s S m i t h. What a nice man, we must leave him a good tip. M r S m i t h. Yes, of course.

3. summary

Discuss the following questions:

1) How often do you go to a restaurant? Do you like eating out or at home?

2) What is your favorite restaurant? What is your favorite food to order there?

3) When was the last time you went to a restaurant?

4) Is there any difference between a restaurant, café, bar, pub, cafeteria?

4. Homework

Ex. 5, p. 116.

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