Mark the sentences True or False.

a) The best place I’ve ever visited is Bangkok.

b) I went there was on my holiday.

c) I visited all the tourist places.

d)I never go back to Buenos Aires.

e) I particularly like Buenos Aires people.

2 Complete the sentences.

a) It was the year before I went to ……..

b) I went to stay with ….

c) The streets are …….. at three o'clock in the morning.

d) I've been there …… times.

e) The discos are open until …… or …….o'clock in the morning.

3 Answer the questions.

a) Where is the place?

b) When did she first go there?

c) What did she do?

d) How many times has she visited the place?

e) What does she most like about this place?

READING 1 Read and translate the first two paragraphs. [4, p. 290]


There are 4 seasons in a year: autumn, winter, spring and summer. Every season is good in its own way. But of course, I like be of all summer. I prefer it to any other season.

The sun rises earlier and earlier and sets later and later. In June we have the longest days and the shortest nights. The weather usually fine. The sky is blue and cloudless. The sun shines brightly in the sky. It is warm and even hot. Sometimes you can watch beautiful rainbow.

But the main thing is certainly having a two-month holiday Two months without lessons, whom having to get up early in the morning. Indeed, summer holiday is a great fun for schoolchildren I like to spend my holiday at the seaside. I like to lie in the sun and bathe in the sea. Summer is the best time for going hiking. Another favourite pastime in summer is gathering mushroom and berries. It is nice to put up tents and to make a bonfire. It is a brighter side of the picture.

The great Russian poet Pushkin said, "Oh, summer fine. I'd love you but for the heat, the mosquitoes and flies!" I share his opinion But the weather is not always fair and sunny in summer. Sometime the wind blows up. Suddenly black clouds cover the sky. It becomes hot and stuffy. A thunderstorm begins. On a day like this we say it's raining cats and dogs. There are a lot of puddles everywhere and streams of water run down the road. The storm is over. The sun comes ant. But after the rain every looks fresh and lovely again The sun shines brightly. Rain is good for trees and flowers.

So, I love this season greatly and accept its good weather and bad weather, and I find something special even in walking under the rain!

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