Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.

Two summers ago we had a holiday in Scotland. We _________ (drive) there from London, but our car ________ (break) down on the motorway and we _______ (spend) the first night in Birmingham. When we ______(get) to Edinburgh we ____________ (not can) find a good hotel- they _________(be) at full. We __________(not know) what to do but in the end we _______________(find) a bed and breakfast and we ___________(stay) there for the week. We _____________(see) the castle, _________(go) to the Arts Festival, and we____(buy) a lot of souvenirs. We_____(want) to go to Loch Ness but we (not have) much time and it____(be) quite far away. The weather____(be) good, but it____(start) raining the day we____(leave).

Rewrite the sentences in the negative.

  • Theycollected postcards. _______________________
  • You jumped high._____________________________
  • Albert played squash. ___________________________
  • The teacher tested our English. ___________________
  • Fiona visited her grandma. _______________________
  • LISTENING[1,T.2.3]

    Listen to the story about Sean’s uncle and aunt. Why was the holiday a disaster?

    a. Because the weather was awful

    b. Because the place was very noisy

    c. Because they argued a lot

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